Oriflame Nigeria Compensation Plan 2023

Now today we will be looking at this topic: Oriflame Nigeria compensation plan 2023. Many people who wants to join Oriflame programme have been asking me to write articles on Oriflame Nigeria compensation plan.

So if your one of those looking for an explanation on how Oriflame Nigeria works and how their compensation plan works then your at the right place.

About Oriflame Nigeria

Oriflame is a natural cosmetic company that was established in 1967 by two brothers, Robert and Jonas Jocknick in central Stockholm, the Swedish capital. Oriflame has since grown into a multi-billion company present in over 65 markets with over 3 million independent consultants that sell, share and promote her beauty and wellness products. They produce one of the finest cosmetics using natural extracts like birch sap and then distribute and sell these products to beauty lovers all over the world.

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Oriflame is not just about producing natural beauty cosmetics but they also offer business opportunities to potential entrepreneurs.  You can become an Oriflame sales consultant or Oriflame distributor. The company offers unique training courses called Oriflame Academy, their online training consists of YouTube videos, audio lessons, e-courses even Skype training.

In Nigeria, Oriflame has a compensation plan in which you can register and bring referrals under you. You make profits each time your referrals purchases any Oriflame products. There are 2 ways in which you can make money from Oriflame; firstly, you could be selling their products and you would get a discount of 23% on all products or you could build your own team of sales managers.

Oriflame Nigeria compensation plan

It’s true, you can actually build your team of sales managers in Nigeria, the hierarchy or order is listed below;

  • Executive director
  • Regional director
  • Senior regional manager
  • Regional manager
  • Senior district manager
  • District manager
  • Senior group manager
  • Group manager
  • Elite consultant
  • Consultant

Benefits of becoming a member of Oriflame Nigeria family

  • You would become an Oriflame sales consultant. Here, you will amass great experiences that will help you in other business ventures.
  • You would have the tools to start your own business
  • Would not risk a high amount of capital when joining.
  • You are rest assured that all transactions and operations are user friendly.

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