Cheap College Destinations for Study Abroad

When you are planning to study abroad as a college student, it is always good to know that you are choosing a cheap or affordable destination.

Without a doubt, it will include things like boarding, travel expenses, the institution that you are planning to attend in another country, and the general costs. Since we all have our personal perceptions regarding what is cheap, it’s always good to set your limitations in advance and learn more about the country of choice.

Depending on the availability of scholarships or other means of funding, even exotic destinations may become affordable, so it will always come down to your unique situation. Still, it is possible to outline some recommended destinations that will check all bases! 

Cheap College Destinations for Study Abroad 


Hungary is quite cheap when it comes to studying in Europe. It’s also one of the best locations to consider, especially if you are after ancient architecture, delicious food, and a truly deep cultural mixture of nations and various traditions. If you are not ready to pay much but still wish to study in Europe, it’s one of the best options. The costs will vary from 2,000 to 5,000 EUR per academic year, which is still cheaper than in Spain or Greece, for example. The best news is that many courses are taught in English, so there will be no language barrier. 


Poland is well-known for being friendly to international students, which is also reflected in numerous colleges and universities. The cost of living without academic tuition will cost you around $500 per month, which is what most college students can afford. The global standards are followed by almost every institution, so your degree will be accepted everywhere. Now, some written tasks and research work is still obligatory as Poland is very strict about examination and assignments. In case you seek help in this regard, sharing your write my paper message should be a good option. Just keep things original and double-check your writing before you submit it to stay safe! 

South Africa. 

South Africa is another affordable destination when it comes to living costs. You will have to pay around $600 per month if you plan to stay in Johannesburg, where the majority of top-class universities are located. The tuition will also be much cheaper when compared to the United States or Canada. Since you can study in English, there are numerous choices for international students that fear language barriers. The best part, however, is the presence of nature and the opportunity to see some of the most unique locations in the world. If you have a chance, give it a try! 


If you would like to follow American standards in your education and wish to study in a bilingual environment, choosing Mexico should be among your priorities. In addition to amazing food, tuition costs will range from $300 to $1,200 per year while keeping up with American standards. It is also one of those eco-tourism destinations to consider, as the country offers numerous charity and volunteering options that can help you establish a successful career. Essentially, as you graduate, you will be able to specify Spanish as the language you can speak! 


If you would like to study in the heart of Europe, choosing Germany is a natural option. As one of the most student-friendly countries worldwide, it even has famous student cities like Berlin or Hamburg, where life in shared apartments for students is affordable. The best choices for affordable apartments are in Leipzig, Dresden, and Rostock. If you are into Engineering or the Automotive industry, choosing Germany for your studies abroad is second to none. You will also learn more about delicious German food and will meet people from all over the world, as there are international students basically everywhere. 

Choosing Good Institution Matters! 

Studying abroad will always come down to a college or university that offers something special for you. If you are aiming to take your Spanish language skills to another level, studying in Mexico or Chile would be a great option to consider. Likewise, those students who are interested in wildlife may consider South Africa as an affordable destination. Quite a lot will depend on your university of choice as they may offer special internships and career-building choices. In case you are unsure what to choose, read online reviews and do your best to learn more about what offers and discounts are available for international students. It will help you to narrow things down and avoid the risks.

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